About Us

Winemaking Philosophy

     Pittsburgh Winery uses a traditional, minimalist approach to winemaking that has been handed down for generations and has evolved with continuous education. One of the first things any good winemaker will learn is that in order to produce a good wine, you must start with good wine grapes. Pittsburgh Winery seeks out the very best fruit that money can buy and spends a lot of time sourcing it. Urban wineries are not tied to any particular vineyards and as a result have the option to bring in wine grapes from anywhere around the world. Each season varies but the primary focus over the past 14 years has been premium California grapes sourced from Sonoma, Napa, Lodi and Suisun Valley. Additional wine grapes have been brought in from South America and one of the wineries best wines over the past few years has been a Chilean Malbec.

The Process